My name is Angela and though I can’t actually explain it all, I do my best to try and hit all the important explanations of my life. I started this blog to try and keep my friends and family updated of the fun and wacky things we do, especially since our schedule can be so out of control. Since that first post back in 2006, writing has become a catharsis and an enjoyable hobby. Whether or not anyone actually reads this, only you can decide and only Google Analytics will be able to tell. 🙂

The key players that I mention most in my posts?

My goofy and loving husband, Andy.

We travel to anywhere and everywhere money and time will allow. Here is Mr. Andy gallavanting around Paris.

My Australian Kelpie puppy, Jabberwocky

In a recent trip to Austin, Jabber romped through a field of bluebonnets.

And our lazy fluff of a cat, Attila Mook

Attila in her normal position, lounging and glaring inquisitively...

Thanks for spending a little time perusing our lives as if they really are as entertaining and hectic as I think they tend to be. I hope for many more adventures and ideas to inspire my writing muse in the future.


Angela ^-^


  1. Hi Angela , this is a random question , I been looking for a similar dog like “Cery” because my dog literally looks like her or him. I want to know what type of dog it is. Thank you , hoping for a respond.

  2. We’re actually not entirely sure what kind of dog Cery is. She was adopted from the local animal shelter. But she looks like like she might have some Australian Kelpie in her mixed with some sort of terrier.

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