What would a trip to London be without at least one proper fancy afternoon tea? And our favorite place to go is definitely the Orangery in Kensington Palace. Of course, I say that like I have a ton of authority on British afternoon teas, which I definitely don’t. We’ve gone to a small handful of places, all fantastic, but there’s just something extra special about the Orangery. And since it was Cathy’s first trip to London, we wanted to share our favorite tea time spot!

It’s a little damp outside, but we’re still excited for a hot cup of tea and tiny bite sized treats!


Teeny tiny tea appropriately sized finger sandwiches

And even better, the tiny sampling of sweets!

Mr. Andy drinking his proper cup of tea. But…why no pinky?

After our delightful afternoon tea, we wandered around and explored Kensington Palace. They had a fun collection of royal dresses, including some of Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret’s dresses on display.


I’m not exactly sure what it says about my style that I would totally wear something in this gorgeous rosebud print! But I think it’s beautiful!

How perfectly vintage and gorgeous!

I know many of you are thinking, “poor Andy, he must have been so bored!” Don’t worry friends, he always finds his own entertainment!

Andy as a well dressed lady in waiting? If the giant skirt fits, why not?

The day did turn out to be rather drizzly and cold. So, we spent a nice evening in our flat with a good tart English cider and watched the Great British Bake Off live on the television! It’s one of the many perks of renting a flat instead of staying at a hotel, you get a little more freedom to do/relax as you please. If/when we go back to London someday, we would definitely rent another flat! Maybe try a different part of town! **and already she’s dreaming of another trip to London**

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  1. Love all the dresses. That china is lovely. Now I want to do an afternoon tea too! 🙂

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