Took a mini hiatus, but here I am, back again to tell you about one of our most favorite spots in all of London! Admittedly, Kew Gardens didn’t even make it on our list the last time we were in London. But Cathy insisted that we visit it this time around, and I’m so glad we did!

Kew Gardens are the Royal Botanic Gardens. For years and years, spanning multiple reigns of kings and queens of England, these gardens have collected interesting and beautiful species from all around the world! Their collections are enormous and it was so fun wandering around the vast grounds. Even better, we got there for an early morning walking tour with a garden guide. We learned so much about the history of the grounds and plenty of interesting facts about the collection itself. Okay, enough chatter, how about some pretty pictures?

This is a branch from a funky tree called a Monkey Puzzle tree. It’s spiky and downright bizarre looking. Love. <3

Here is Andy in front of the famous Palm House. Believe it or not, it was designed by borrowing techniques from the ship building industry at that time. So, I guess the fact that it looks like an upside down boat was done on purpose?

And how about some giant palms inside said Palm House? Here’s Andy pretending to be Totoro.

This one is for you Mom! The most beautiful water lilies in all shapes and colors!

Beautiful water lilies, GINORMOUS spiky water lily pads. You do NOT want to accidentally fall on one of those the wrong way…

Cathy and Andy in front of the Temperate House? I think? I really should take better notes…

And of course, the rose garden. We visited towards the end of the season, but the remaining roses were still gorgeous and so fragrant!

Or if you prefer red…

Andy and me posing in front of one of the many long tree lined walkways. Honestly, the weather was perfect! We could have spent the entire day just wandering around and soaking in all the wonderful sights!

Andy imitating the White Greyhound of Richmond. Not sure what was with the grimace, but maybe that’s what all noble greyhounds do?

We had a delicious lunch at the cafe and sadly said goodbye to Kew Gardens. But since we were on that side of town, we decided to make a quick stop at Hampton Court Palace…where we enjoyed more garden time. Oh well, if the weather really is that spectacular, why not take advantage of it?

The beautiful (and haunted) Hampton Court Palace, previous home of King Henry the VIII. Yes, THAT King Henry the VIII. The one with all the wives? Hence the haunting…also the reason why I took the picture from way over here.

We’re good at that relaxing thing!

Legless Angela. Not entirely sure why I decided to pose like this, but there you have it!

And then I found the dahlia garden. I spent a good amount of time trying to take pictures of these gorgeous flowers. Oh I love dahlias!

Dahlias as big as your head!!

Dahlias in every color! Though this one reminds me of a poisonous fish or as if it’s trying to warn me to stay away.

Cute little potted orange trees.

Cathy in front of the beautiful mess that can be an English garden.

And there you have it, our garden tour day! So much fun and I would so definitely do it again! But there are so many more gardens to visit! Oh a traveler’s work is never done…

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