Okay, for those that may not know it, we are huge fans of British television. We regularly watch Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Nigella, Gardener’s World, the old Top Gear, Great British Bake-off, amongst many many other shows. But one of our absolute favorites is River Cottage. And every fall, River Cottage holds a huge autumn fair at their headquarters near Axminster. The autumn fair just happened to be the weekend we were in town! We saw this as a great opportunity to see more of England on a little day trip out of London. So, we hopped in our teeny tiny rental car and headed for Devon. It was a beautiful (though early) drive!

When we arrived at the fair, it was exactly what we had imagined it would be! The show is set on a very rural but beautiful farmhouse property. There were animals, gardens, a delicious bbq, local brews, activities, live music, and plenty of local vendors set up stands for us to wander around.

Andy introducing us to the River Cottage festival fields…

Hanging out in the festival fields, have you ever seen so much green? And though the weather was a little gray, it was actually a nice day out! Though being in the somewhat muddy fields did make me wish I had the quintessential British wellies in my wardrobe.

That way to see the cows…

Look at all those cabbages! Brassicas for us all!

The ever climbing sweet pea tunnel. Smelled so pretty!

And we even got to see a bird of prey show! The most massive bird was this giant vulture! Scary looking fella, but impressive nonetheless! Look at that wingspan!

After wandering around the fair, we took a look at the map to plot our course home. That’s when we discovered, we’re not too far from the coast! Why not take a quick detour to go see the beach?

Not the white sand beaches of Florida or Hawaii, but still absolutely gorgeous! Loved the cliffs and walking in the gravel! And see? Weather cleared up for a beautiful ocean picture!

It was a great day, even if we did do a lot of driving. However, we’re from Texas/Kansas. We’re used to a lot of driving to get anywhere interesting. The rest of our trip was completely London centered, so it was nice to take a day and get out to see the countryside. After all, there’s so much more to England than just London!

And there, I posted twice in the last two weeks and plan to continue blogging! Promise!

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