Several weeks ago, we got Andy’s family together for a group trip to Galveston. Why Galveston? I know, it doesn’t sound very thrilling and the beaches are rather…gray, hardly the picturesque white sand beaches people hope for. However, it was the most convenient beach destination for most everybody in the family. Plus, it’s not terribly expensive, and since we went the weekend before Memorial Day, not very crowded. Not to mention, I found an amazing house rental at VRBO.

Check out this three story, five bedroom, four bathroom house! It has a nice view of the ocean from both decks and is impeccably furnished. Would definitely stay here again!

We spent most of our time hanging out in the beach or at the house. And since the beach was within walking distance, why not take advantage of it?

Hudson with his Grandpa Trommer strolling on the beach.

The Trommer Family

Oh! And we decided to bring Jabber with us on this little beach vacay. Jabber’s turning 10 this year and we thought she might like to see the ocean! (Cery doesn’t always do so well with unfamiliar surroundings and small children, so she got an all expense paid trip to Petsmart, which she actually does love very much.)

Look at this salty sea dog! Actually, she didn’t seem to enjoy the beach very much. She tolerated the water and swimming but HATED the waves.

Baby Dayton with her Grandma Trommer, enjoying a beautiful day in Galveston. Baby’s first trip to the beach!

We also went into Galveston proper for a cute little summer fair. There was a Southern Star beer tasting, delicious pulled pork sandwiches from the Sauced Pig food truck, and a neat vintage car show.

Looks like an old timey car! Because why not?

Look, another car!

Hudson is in a phase where he LOVES cars. He desperately wanted to get into every car we saw. Thankfully, this nice lady let him get in her antique car and pretend to drive. Now that’s a happy Hudson.

And the rest of the time, we happily enjoyed the lovely air conditioning in our beautiful rental house. Here’s me and my happy niece. Seriously, she’s one happy baby. Most of the time, she’s perfectly content to just sit in the middle of the floor and play with her toes.

And because it’s a family vacation, there must be at least one attempt at a group photo. So look, it’s the family!

Another memorable family vacation in the books! You can click here to see a few of the other photos we took. But as of late, we’ve been pretty terrible at getting enough pictures. It certainly didn’t help that our camera really disliked the Galveston humidity and fogged up whenever we tried to take it outside. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras? Never thought I’d see the day where I would utter those words…


  1. Thanks, Angela! It was a wonderful trip, beautiful house, perfect.

  2. Loved seeing the pictures from the trip!

  3. The forum is a brgehtir place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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