Yes, still struggling to catch up. But at least I’m trying! I’m now going to ignore the fact that I’m almost two months behind and tell you all about our awesome New Year’s Eve!

In years past, we went out and we partied till the wee hours of the morning to start the new year correctly. However, after a long December at work, the crazy partying was really the last thing on my mind. On top of which, a lot of our friends were out of town for NYE this year. So, we gathered a couple of our favorite people and we cheered in 2015 with a nice relaxing evening.

We started out with a fancy schmancy dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Fort Worth, the Clay Pigeon. If you need a fun and unique place for a special occasion dinner, you really should try this restaurant! They have a made from scratch kitchen that uses locally sourced ingredients as often as they can. Every time we visit, we have a delicious and truly memorable meal! (The fire roasted bone marrow is phenomenal! I know it sounds weird, but I promise it’s worth the weirdness.)

Our NYE foursome enjoying a fantastic meal on the last chilly night of 2014.

After dinner, we came back to our house, got comfy, played games, watched a movie, and very spiritedly welcomed 2015 with a champagne cheers!

Carrie and I got all fancified for dinner, then changed into our most comfy pajamas to welcome the new year. In our defense, the two of us have had our share of wearing uncomfortably tight dresses and high heels to all sorts of events, including New Year’s Eves. This year was positively delightful to lounge about in our pj’s and still get to celebrate just the same!

We played our new “learn to use your chopsticks” game that we brought back from Taipei. Needless to say, we all failed miserably.

And then? We played probably the best game we own, the Outburst Jr. that I received as a Christmas gift when I was 7 or 8. So, it’s absolutely filled with ridiculous and amazing 80’s references. Also, some of the cards are so incredibly easy that it’s just hilarious to watch two very educated grown men try to guess the 10 items for words that rhyme with “steep”. Good time were had, you should probably be jealous.

And right before midnight, I lit the Bayberry candle that my co-worker Christine gave me. I’ve never heard of this tradition before, but you’re supposed to burn a Bayberry candle from the old year to the new for good luck to move forward with you into the next year. It smells lovely, so this is a tradition I’m happy to keep alive!

And Mr. Adam was kind enough to provide the champagne for midnight. This is probably the best champagne I’ve ever put in my face. Fizzy and delightful!

Our NYE group selfie because…why not?

We hope everybody had a lovely holiday season and we can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!

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