Yes, almost a month later, I’m finally writing about Christmas 2014. But you know how it goes, the more time goes by, the more guilty I feel about not posting something, and the vicious cycle continues. Well, I’m doing my best to stop that cycle (and catch up ever so slightly)!

My family came to Fort Worth to join us for Christmas this year. So much fun! So much food!!

The family together again in front of the Fort Worth Christmas tree before we headed to a fun showing of the Nutcracker.

And because we can’t look normal for more than one picture at a time, of course we had to make faces!

And I said we had a ton of food, right? On with the food pictures!!

Christmas Eve dinner (since I still had to work during the day) was a simple meal of fish tacos, sweet potato black bean veggie tacos, and cilantro lime rice. Delicious and still festive because really, what’s more festive than spending time with your family on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Day was spent hanging out with the family. We opened presents, watched television, played some Nintendo 64, teased the puppies, and we cooked and cooked and cooked.

For Christmas Lunch, my mom made a quick but deliciously light meal.

A stir fried sweet potato noodle dish. Yes, that’s right! Despite their definite lack of orange coloring, these noodles are made from sweet potato starch. We were dubious at first, but they are quite tasty!

And one of my favorites, it’s a pressed tofu, cilantro, and picked turnip salad. Mmm…the flavors are crisp and refreshing. I could eat this ALL the time!

For Christmas dinner, Andy and I had a very detailed schedule to follow. It wasn’t quite as complicated as Thanksgiving since there weren’t quite as many oven cooked dishes. But it was still a well choreographed dance!

Christmas Day Dinner with Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts, Green Green Spring Vegetables, Potatoes with Whole Spices, Butternut Squash with Blue Cheese, and a gorgeous standing rib roast (for us meat eaters).

The day after Christmas meant the big zongzi making day with Dad (separate post yet to come). And Mom helped stock our freezer with her delicious mustard green veggie baozi.

I love having these stashed in my freezer. Perfect for a light lunch and packed with yummy and healthy veggies.

And Cathy helped make some of the prettiest Christmas cookies in the history of my kitchen. (I can make decent cookies, but I don’t even know where to begin decorating them properly.) These were tasty and beautiful!

Very free form, spray painted graffiti kind of look.

And lest you think we’re all veg and no treats. Oh there was pie…

The Smooth Operator Pie for Emporium Pies in the Bishop Arts District. (French silk with a decadent pretzel crust)

The Snowball also purchased from Emporium Pies. If you live in DFW and you haven’t been there yet, it really is worth the trip! (Toasted coconut cream pie)

Then to get out of the house (and away from some of the food and constant eating), we took a quick stroll through the Crow Collection of Asian Art Museum in Dallas. It’s a neat little museum, but I do stress that it’s quite tiny. Unless you’re absolutely enthralled by jade sculptures and Hindu gods, it doesn’t take very long to wander through the collection. It was still a fun little field trip though!

Us in front of the Crow Collection Museum with a Guardian lion statue.

So happy to have a relaxing and nice little Christmas at home. We’re lucky and blessed. I hope everybody else had a lovely Christmas season as well!


  1. as always great photos! Thx for sharing!

  2. Loved the pictures and description of foods. Your folks look great!

  3. What a fun packed Christmas with the Chao family! Love to see your mom and dad again one of these days, and of course Cathy 🙂

  4. Enjoy reading as usual!

  5. Mmmm. The pie. The chocolate one. I need it now! 🙂

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