Those or you that are married or have a significant other in your life, you probably have this very same problem that couples have faced since the beginning of time, which family to spend what holiday with. Andy and I have worked on an alternating holiday schedule. One family gets Thanksgiving, the other family gets Christmas, and the next year the families get flip flopped so everybody gets a chance at each holiday. It’s not a perfect schema, but it’s worked for us so far.

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Trommer side. So, Christmas was spent with the Chao side (more on that later). But we usually pick another weekend to get together with the Trommer side for a holiday celebration, a Fake Christmas if you will. There is always tons of food, fun gifts, and plenty of quality time spent with family. Thanks to Aunt Sally and Uncle Bodie for hosting the little get together, we had such a memorable time!

Our magnificent feast, lovingly prepared by Aunt Sally and Uncle Bodie.

Mom Trommer and Aunt Susan enjoying some family gift time!

Wine tasting with Cousin Debra!

Andrew, Caitlin, and Noah playing with some new toys!

Posing for a quick family pic with Dad and Mom Trommer

We’ve usually got a pretty busy Christmas schedule, especially this year with my work move. But I’m so glad we made the time to attend Fake Christmas this year! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year, there’s just so much fun to be had and so many people to celebrate with!

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  1. The pictures are great, Angela. We were so glad to have everyone celebrate at our house.

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