Okay, temporary blogging moratorium over! With the hectic holidays completed (and yes, this last holiday season seemed even more hectic than most), how about a few posts summarizing the fun we had in the month of December? Let’s start with our big Roarin’ Twenties Christmas bash. Andy and I have had the idea to throw an old fashioned cocktail party for some time now. Why not kill two birds with one stone and combine our annual Christmas party with said cocktail party? And since cocktails really hit their stride in the 20’s, a themed Christmas party was born!

We did some research and decided on a big Italian food buffet to help soak up the boozy cocktails we would be serving. Turns out, since many speakeasies were run by Italian immigrants (and mobsters), this is when Italian food first started to become popular in the US. Back then, if you were an adventurous eater, you would seek out some Italian or Chinese food. See? Even when it seems like you have nothing in common, food can bring people together!

I stubbornly decided to make four homemade lasagnas, a feat I do not wish to repeat again anytime soon. But I’m pleased they turned out nicely! We also picked up some delicious garlic bread and set up a fun little chocolate fondue for dessert. Throw in some salad for a little green emphasis, and we’re good! But much to my surprise, my lovely neighbors also brought some delicious baked manicotti and a spicy minestrone soup to share. We had PLENTY of really tasty food!

Now the drinks! Can’t have a cocktail party without super fancy drinks! We decided on four prohibition era drinks set up in little drink stations around the house:

1. Bee’s Knees

2. Old Fashioned

A very popular drink throughout the ages, a favorite of the manly man. Not my favorite because…bourbon. Also, all the recipes are handwritten because our printer is broken and we’ve been too lazy to buy a replacement.

3. My personal favorite of the bunch, the French 75. A little champagne concoction that packs quite a punch. Actually, the drink supposedly got it’s name because this cocktail hits you like a French 75 mm field gun.

Oh trust me, this one will knock you off your feet! Delicious but strong!

4. Sidecar, supposedly named after an American army general that preferred to be driven to/from his favorite local bar in a sidecar vehicle.

One of my favorite drinks to order at a true cocktail bar. Now we know how to make it!

With the food and drinks in place, we need some ambiance! There’s a lot of decorating you can do for a 20’s themed party. But since we were short on time (and budget), we did a quick and easy wine bottle candelabra.

Throw in a couple old feather boas that we had leftover from a previous party, and yay! We have decorations!

Now for the best decorations of all, the part that truly made the party a success! All our friends that dressed to the theme. I love and greatly appreciate it when my friends embrace my love of themed parties. Cheers to all of you that played along!! (I love some of the other photos that were taken, so I’m borrowing a few of them from friends! All proper photo credit will be given.)

Probably one of my favorite photos of the evening, some of the girls in our 20’s best! Photo taken by Con.

Carrie, Dee, and Karen enjoying some nibbles and drinks!

I have no idea what I’m doing with my face or why I’m so tilted. But it’s a great picture of everybody else, so there you go, it’s getting posted.

Jessi and Brian looking very dapper!

Ethan, Ashley, Jacques, and me hamming for the camera. Though…must remember not to take pictures in front of the kitchen table light. Makes things hard to edit!

Sean and Teena, who actually had another party they were attending, but still came to ours afterwards! They even stopped to dress to the nines! That’s some true party dedication!

Cheers to Christmas 2014! Photo taken by Weldon

Though there were some amazing costumes to choose from, the costume of the night (and prize) goes to Weldon and Jesmi!

20’s style bathing suits!! Complete with beach ball! Love it!

Pile on Weldon and his beach ball? Done! Picture taken by Jenny.

Look who’s the bees knees! Donald and Karen!

We love all of our friends, they are some of the most awesome people in the world. Of course, we are a little biased, but I’m pretty confident that I’m right.

So, plenty of food? Success! Drinks? Definite success! Amazing pictures and memories of awesome people for Christmas 2014? So totally a success! We have a lot of other pictures, I can’t possibly post all of them here. You can click here to see the rest! Check my little blog again soon, there’s still more Christmas cheer to come…

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  1. Angela, your energy and creativity are remarkable, as always. What a fun group of friends!

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