I know everybody has their favorite Thanksgiving leftovers, I definitely have my own!

Have leftover bread? Make some french toast!

Leftover turkey means delicious turkey pot pies, turkey hash, turkey sandwiches/wraps, and so much more! My absolute favorite is a simple recipe that my mom used to make for us: turkey + one can cream of mushroom soup + one head of chopped Napa cabbage + small amount of water to keep things gravy like, simmer until Napa cabbage is softened, serve over a big bowl of white rice. Yum.

This year, I’m feeling pretty economical if I do say so myself. After all the meat was pulled off the turkey, I used the bones for a giant pot of turkey stock. Freeze all that stock in ice cube trays, and I’ve got enough stock to last for a long long time. I figure I could substitute turkey stock in any recipe that calls for chicken stock. And the little pumpkins that I used for table decor? They’re actually tiny pie pumpkins. That’s right, I turned the decorations into more pumpkin puree for future pies and pumpkin needs. (I particularly like this Pasta with Pumpkin and Sausage recipe)

I like the idea of using every part of our Thanksgiving meal so nothing goes to waste. The best of type of green living, the one where I get to make/eat more tasty food! 🙂

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