Another day, another blog post. I actually didn’t have that much left to talk about when it comes to Taipei Day 5, but I absolutely fell asleep shortly after closing the lap top last night. So, here’s the rest of the photos!

Dad, Cathy, Andy, and I did a little shopping and strolling in the SiPing Shopping District. Fun!

In the SiPing Shopping District is one of the best pig foot noodle shops in Taipei. Sounds weird, but I promise it is fantastic! You can always tell if something is famous and/or popular just by the line outside. Though…this theory did backfire once when we saw an incredibly long line outside a Subway in Taipei. Turns out, they were just having a buy one get one free sandwich sale. 🙂

And then while we were relaxing in a little local park, a family of mini poodles came running up!

This little fella even jumped up, sat next to Andy, and begged for pets! Dogs love Andy the world around. 🙂

So, there’s been an interesting mealtime phenomenon that’s been happening in Taipei for the last few years. Some popular restaurants have started offering a discounted “afternoon tea” that is between lunch and dinner times. It’s a great way to try out some interesting food at as bargain price! Such was the case with a vegetarian buffet that Dad found called Evergreen Vegetarian Restaurant. Delicious food, amazing coffee, and a generous dessert bar!

Andy’s choice of dessert, a sesame layer cake and a chocolate layer cake. Perfect with a freshly brewed espresso!

But this was my hands down favorite dessert of the entire trip. A taro root coconut ice cream. AMAZING. I’ve never heard of taro root ice cream! But I loved it so much that I’m going to have to work on recreating this here at home!

A few days ago, we walked past a brewery restaurant. So, when we found ourselves with a little free time in the evening, Andy and I decided to walk back to Jolly Brewery for a look. A new brewery? You know Andy had to give it a try!

Tiny little Taipei beers all in a row.

I ordered a grapefruit soda. What I didn’t know, however, was that they make the soda right in front of you! They squeeze fresh grapefruit juice, add simple syrup, then top off with soda water. Yum! I can do that…maybe with a few alcoholic additions. 🙂

Another fun day in Taipei in the books! But friends, it’s that time of the night, currently my favorite part of the night. Bed time!

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