We had a busy but splendid Fourth of July holiday this year. As with most of our lives, we spent a good deal of it running from place to place. But we wouldn’t have missed any part of the weekend for anything.

We kicked off the long weekend by cheering on the Fort Worth Cats, our local minor league baseball team. And honestly in my opinion, the only reason to go to a baseball game is to eat hot dogs and watch fireworks, preferably with awesome friends. I was definitely not disappointed!

Hot dogs? Check!

Awesome friends? Check check!

Believe it or not, it was actually a pretty tolerable evening for July in Texas. This is me being outside and being grateful.

The fireworks were too difficult to take a picture of, and near impossible to capture with a stupid cell phone camera. But I promise you they were fantastic! (though I probably could’ve done without the superbly twangy country anthems)

On the actual Fourth of July holiday, we started off at Bob and Nancy’s pool party/BBQ.  A nice dip in the pool, a fun toss of the beach volleyball, delicious burgers with Nancy’s garlic broccoli dish committed to memory, a perfect afternoon!

Oh look, it’s Bob. Doesn’t he look thrilled? 😉

Jess and Nancy after a little fun in the sun. Yay pool time!

After leaving Bob and Nancy’s, we headed to Joy and Martin’s house for another fireworks show! Again, fireworks don’t show up well on cell phone cameras. And unfortunately, I didn’t bother taking any other photos either. But we had a splendid time at Joy and Martin’s too! SO much food, so much Street Fighter!

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, the day after the holiday, we headed up to Mount Pleasant for a day with Lauren, Griffin, and Baby Hudson. First on the list, Andy and I heard about an amazing berry farm that we simply had to visit. Who doesn’t love fresh ripe blackberries?

Andy loves fresh ripe blackberries, that’s for sure!!

You definitely appreciate your berries more when you work to pick them yourself!

But don’t worry, it’s easy! Even Baby Hudson can pick blackberries!

Baskets of blackberries, yum yum yum. Also, I’d like to point out again that it’s July in Texas and I’m standing outside with a smile on my face. That’s very unusual indeed, usually I’m grimacing from the heat and humidity.

On the way back to Griffin and Lauren’s house, we stopped at this fun little market. They had beautiful (and tasty) produce, interesting products, and the best homemade soft serve peach ice cream I’ve ever had. (Andy got strawberry, but I think peach is still my favorite)

Andy’s strawberry ice cream cone. Makes me wish I had one right now…

Our Mount Pleasant hosts smiling for a beautiful family picture after a delicious ice cream treat. (Btw, getting a toddler to look at the camera for a photo is an interesting process. Dogs are easy, just hold a treat in your hand. Toddlers require all sorts of strange noises and faces. Really, somebody should be taking pictures of us taking pictures of toddlers.)

Also, look at all that beautiful fresh produce! We couldn’t help ourselves, we ended up with a basket of ripe tomatoes and peaches. Some of our favorite things!

Even Hudson couldn’t get enough of those farm fresh peaches!

After our exciting outing, we went back to Griffin and Lauren’s to relax and enjoy a leisurely dinner.

Griffin made his famous BBQ ribs, so fantastic!

And I made a chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert. I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. It could use a little refining, but overall Alton Brown’s recipe made for a perfectly American pie.

There you have it, Fourth of July 2014. We sure did manage to stay busy, but we also consider ourselves so very blessed to have that many amazing people that want us around! Happy.


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