The last installment of our Seattle trip! Hey, it’s not my fault Seattle is so awesome it warranted three different posts and over one hundred pictures. (Not everything was worth posting, but that’s still a lot of  photos to comb through!)

Let’s start with one of my favorite oddities that we saw during Seattle trip, the cat man. We were just meandering around downtown Seattle when we saw this fellow, dressed in an amazing ensemble of leather vest, coon skin cap…and some furry animal perched on his shoulder. Andy was convinced it had to be a stuffed animal. But no, cat man is much too awesome to use a fake prop!!

As if the cat knew we were pondering his existence, he turned around and glared at us, as only a cat can. Love it and love that we saw the Seattle Cat Man.

In the slightly more normal universe, I also got the opportunity to meet up with an old high school friend that now lives in Seattle. It’s been over ten years, but it’s always nice to catch up with friends! Glad to see that Kristin’s doing well and enjoying Seattle (and yes, I’m supremely jealous that she gets to call Seattle her home.)

Kristin and me at the Caffe Senso Unico, a little coffee shop around the corner from our hotel. Lovely espresso and fantastic breakfast pastries!

This is absolutely not in chronological order, but we also went to Golden Gardens Park north of downtown Seattle in the Ballard district. It is an absolutely fantastic park! Perfect walking trails through lush forests AND a beautiful beach. It’s a very strange but wonderful mix of environments. It definitely made us wish for a lazy afternoon with our dogs and a fun picnic lunch!

Out enjoying the scenery and watching the sailboats at Golden Gardens Park.

After all this wandering around everyday, we obviously had to find some tasty lunch spots! One of our many favorites was Capitol Cider, a real cider bar!

Since we found a cider bar, I decided on a small smattering of cider samples. All very tasty and refreshing! No, I really can’t ever explain my face. It is what it is…

I do look much happier about our cheese tray though! This does not in any way, shape, or form, symbolize how I feel about cider. But I will admit, cheese is generally going to make me happier in any situation.

Andy, however, is a perpetually happy beer drinker, even at a cider bar.

We were also lucky enough to get a patch of sunshine so we could venture to the Olympic Sculpture Park. It was perfect for our last afternoon stroll in Seattle. We loved spending time enjoying the art and the scenery before heading home.

Pretty flowers (mountain lupine?) at the sculpture park, I couldn’t resist getting a picture!

Hey look! It’s a sculpture-like thing!

And another sculpture thing!

And this was our favorite piece, named Love & Loss. It took us a second to find all the pieces…but here it is with a couple additions.

L in the bench

O in the fire pit

V in the tree

E in the picnic table

& floating high in the sky, which I wanted a picture with the ampersand before I actually knew what the sculpture was. I have a weird affection for ampersands that I can’t always explain.

Then take the same “L” and “O” and add a couple of “S“es in a bench and a sidewalk, and there you have it! Love & Loss plus a couple of Trommers.

There you have it. Three days in Seattle. And there’s still so much left to explore! I have a long list of places that I’d like to return to someday and Seattle is definitely high on that list! Even though I’m still working to blog back up to the present, fun stuff just keeps right on happening. That’s certainly nothing to complain about, but I do promise to catch up someday! In the mean time, you can peruse the rest of the Seattle pictures that I’ve posted by clicking here.

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