Saturday (05/17/08) was unbelievably busy. We started the morning with Cathy’s graduation from the University of Kansas’s College of Fine Arts. We’re so proud of my baby sister’s achievements! Of course, we had a little trouble finding her after the ceremony, since all the graduates look similar in their black polyester robes. But after several phone calls, lost members of the party, and laps around the parking lot, we managed to group together for a few pictures with our graduate.

(Grandpa Bob, Grandma Peggy, Mommy Chao, the Grad herself, me, and Daddy Chao)

After the ceremony, Andy and I rushed off to lunch with his Aunt Susan and Cousin Debra at the Overland Park Houlihan‘s, one of our favorite OP restaurants. It’s always nice to spend time with family, no matter which side: Trommer or Chao.

(Aunt Susan, Debra, me, and Andy)

After lunch, we rushed back to my parent’s house to get ready for a wedding. Whose wedding? It is my mom’s friend’s (Reynold and Lena) daughter’s (Lynn) wedding. A change of clothing, a quick reapplication of lipstick and we were out the door! The wedding was held at the Loretto building in downtown Kansas City, by the KU Medical Center. It’s a nice facility with a built in chapel and reception hall, very convenient for weddings. TheĀ  bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, all the family members looked so happy, and the wedding itself was very simple but elegant.

The view of the ceremony from our seats. Beautiful chapel, huh?

Of course, while all the festivities were going on…it was also my mom’s birthday!

So, Happy Birthday Mommy Chao!!

We were allowed to leave the reception a little early, since there were very few people we knew, and even fewer our own age. So, we rushed home, changed again (3 wardrobe changes in one day!!) and headed out to our friend Katie and Cici’s house where all our friends were meeting. Turns out, several of Andy’s close friends happened to be in town for their siblings’ graduations as well! What a coincidence! We had a wonderful time just being with old friends.

(Andy Shernuk, Andy, Scott, me, Katie, and Cici up front)

Then my best friend Ashley and I left for a good old fashioned sleep-over at her apartment. We watched a movie, ate junk food, talked, laughed, got mauled by the puppy (Marley) that she’s watching while her mom’s out of town (she’s a wonderfully spunky dog, just young…that’s all), and the usual girly stuff that I miss out on since I’m so far away from my girl friends.

Most of Sunday and Monday were spent relaxing with my family and recuperating from our busy Friday and Saturday. I had a wonderful time in KC. (click here for all the photos) However, there is always more people I wish I could have visited or more time I could spend on each person. Sadly, this is the life of a Kansas girl stuck in Texas! Even though I love visiting my home state, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a loving puppy that missed us.

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