It’s Halloween week! Truthfully, Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. I get startled/scared very very easily. I don’t watch horror movies (can’t even watch horror movie commercials, I always change the channel), don’t go to haunted houses (the haunted corn maze in Cedar Rapids, IA was terrifiying enough), and loud sounds make me jump (literally). Nevertheless, I can’t help getting into the pumpkin carving, orange light hanging, candy passing out, costume wearing spirit. I tend to be the target audience for most holiday advertisements…

Andy and I carved our pumpkins on Saturday. Of course, when I say I carved pumpkins…I do mean Andy carved the pumpkins while I nodded in agreement. We had three pumpkins, the biggest for Andy, a medium one for me, and a tiny one for Jabber. I designed the faces for both Jabber and my pumpkins. You might think it’s bizarre that we treat our dog…like a child. Yes, I fully realize Jabber is a dog without any idea what Halloween is or why we’re carving pumpkins. However, she is a member of our little family. We get pumpkins, why not Jabber? Not to mention, I didn’t have any clue either why we carved pumpkins. That is till I looked it up! Do you know why? Andy attempted to cut the jack o’lanterns with his Dremel tool. I give him points for being inventive, but alas…not a terribly good idea. The Dremel doesn’t really cut straight lines in pumpkin very well. The worser reason being that the Dremel tended to slightly sear the pumpkin during cutting, making for a burned pumpkin smell throughout the kitchen. Trust us, a good knife still works best. With all the said, it’s photo time!

It’s Andy standing with his masterpieces. Why is he holding a meat cleaver??

Oh no, pumpkin family! Save yourselves! (my flash didn’t go off…and I couldn’t convince Andy to do the pose over again. That’s why the photo is all grainy and faded)

Jabber investigating her pumpkin. By the by…those are supposed to be ears on her pumpkin, not eyebrows.

After all the pumpkin work was done, we had a nice little barbecue with Ethan, David, and Anni. We hadn’t seen everybody in awhile, and it was nice to catch up with everyone’s lives. Anni was nice enough to bring over a giant chocolate chip cookie decorated in chocolate spiders. It was very tasty indeed. I had a lot of fun playing the demo of Guitar Hero 3 (looks awesome, here’s the track list), challenging people to a good match of tennis on the Wii, and just chatting in general. Everyone’s lives have been so busy that our get togethers have been few and far in between. ‘Tis life I suppose.

Today, Andy and I finally got around to working on our yard. It’s been getting progressively more messy throughout the summer. However, who really wants to sit outside and dig around in the dirt when it’s so horribly hot outside? We bought fertilizer, dirt, and a fresh set of flowers from Home Depot. I’m very ashamed to say…we haven’t planted any new flowers since the first batch I planted last year. They were getting really tangled (still alive and blooming…which surprised me) and overgrown. We pulled up all the old stuff, weeded, put down fresh dirt, and planted the new flowers. I decided on purple and white pansies of several different varieties (white w/ purple centers, purple with dark purple centers, light purple, yellow with purple centers…etc). Jabber sat outside and soaked up the sun with us. She was being a good puppy…till she decided to try eating the dirt. Sometimes she’s just too weird, even for me to explain.

Andy watered my flowers for me after I was done planting. Watering is good, but it made them too droopy for me to take any photos to show you. I’ll try to remember for my next post. Here’s the link for more photos from the weekend. Also, for another account of the weekend, be sure to check Andy’s blog. Yes! He’s finally posting something, it’s a miracle indeed! Wishing everyone a fantastic and safe Halloween this year!

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  2. Happy Halloween! I wish I weren’t too old to go trick or treating, but I suppose I will have to settle for eating the leftover candy this year! Have a fabulous day and I can’t wait to see you guys nextw eekend!

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