My work has been incredibly busy as of late. So, to combat the end of the evening, “I’m too tired to cook, let’s just eat something terribly unhealthy that we can pick up at a drive through window” issue, I spent all day today cooking various things that will get us through the week. Banana muffins for breakfast, a nice chickpea and butternut squash curry for lunches, a lovely hot Peruvian style arroz con pollo for a few dinners, and of course, I had to do a test run of my homemade pumpkin pie in anticipation of our upcoming Thanksgiving feast!

When I say homemade pumpkin pie, I do mean from an actual pumpkin. I’m just curious as to whether pie made from an actual pumpkin tastes any different than pie made from canned pumpkin. Only thing to do is to experiment!!

Got myself a nice pie pumpkin. And yes, be sure to get a pie or baking pumpkin. I don’t think decorative pumpkins are as tasty…

Use your handy dandy cleaver and rubber mallet to slice that sucker in half!

Remove all seeds and stringy pulpy stuff. Then sprinkle with a little salt. (My fingers may be permanently dyed orange from working with pumpkin and butternut squash today. I guess I’m well on my way to being an oompa loompa?)

Roast in the oven for 45 minutes at 400 degrees F. Roast pumpkin smells lovely, by the by.

Once cooled, puree the pumpkin flesh in a food processor until smooth. My little pumpkin ended up with 2 lbs of pumpkin puree. And since each pie only needs 1 lb of pumpkin puree, I can skip the pumpkin roasting step for my Thanksgiving pie!

Alton Brown’s original recipe calls for a gingersnap cookie crust, but I don’t like ginger. So, I substituted with a vanilla snap cookie crust instead. And in place of ground ginger, I used cinnamon. Still tastes good!

Add in the pumpkin pie filling (pumpkin puree + half & half + eggs + brown sugar), bake till the custard is set!

Top with some homemade whipped cream, and yum! I do actually like the real pumpkin version of pumpkin pie better. It is much more work, but I think it’s acceptable to put in a little more effort for the holidays. Even Andy, who doesn’t normally like pumpkin pie that much, enjoyed a slice of my pie. 🙂

If you’d like to try Alton Brown’s pumpkin pie recipe, you can find it here. Now our fridge is full, the kitchen’s clean, the dishwasher’s running, and I think I can call my Sunday cooking adventure a success!

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  1. Wow that looks good! I’m really looking forward to this years event.If you need a “taste tester” I can be at your house within 3 hours..


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