After two long years of hard work, sleepless nights, cramming for finals, project meetings after 40 hour work weeks, missed outings with friends, and late night study sessions, Mr. Andy finally graduated with his MBA back in July!! This deserves some serious celebrating!!

We were in Austin for Andy’s last class weekend, so we met up with his family for a nice graduation brunch at Kerbey Lane Cafe.

Andy with The Johnsons waiting for our table at Kerbey Lane’s. The weather was pretty decent for a July day in Austin! Always thankful for small miracles. 🙂

Graduation brunch with the family! Celebrating the end of finals with coffee seemed only fitting. 🙂

Also, look how proud the puppies are that Andy finally has plenty of spare time to play with them now!

Then once Andy caught up on some sleep and let the realization sink in that he was truly done, we threw a properly huge graduation party the next weekend at the Glass Boot Biergarten.

As legitimate of a beer garden as one is apt to find in DFW. They had a lovely porch, plenty of drinks, and GINORMOUS pretzels.

Andy with Teena and Jessie. Sorry Sean and Brian, you got cut out of this picture. But your counterparts are much prettier anyhow 😉

Ashley and Jacques enjoying a not sweltering Texas evening in July. I’m surprised that we sat outside all night and nobody passed out from dehydration or heat exhaustion!

Jeromy, Lily, and Richard also came to help Andy celebrate by joining us in beer drinking and GIANT pretzel eating!

The girls being lovely and the boys being strange. That’s pretty par for the course I suppose?

Sue, Miko, and me hamming it up for the camera!

Oscar and Karen are all smiles!

Cathy and me with Thomas and Karen (Andy’s MBA classmate). Though I think we’ve done something to utterly disgust Thomas, which I hope we do again because that face is amazing.

Everybody smile and say BEER! Or just smile and look at me awkwardly because I’m the crazy picture lady. Yeah, that works too.

A beautiful brother and sister duo.

Huy and Yesenia, who is totally rocking that straw fedora! Now I want a straw fedora…

Two of my favorite people, plus a creeper Andy trying to photobomb unsuccessfully.

Martin and Joy posing with their party favors, mini das boots!!

Carrie and Hau being cute.

And as per usual, as it got later, we got weirder. That’s just the natural way of things.

Weldon’s taking the photos now, and Andy’s roaring at the camera. Because, why not?

Becoming incoherent, because I have no idea what look this would be.

??? (your guess is as good as mine)

But at least we’re ending it with happiness!

I wish I had taken more photos. I missed a bunch of people by accident! But I suppose I always wish I could remember to take more photos. And that’s saying something in this case, because there’s quite a few pictures that I’ve just shared! What it boils down to is that we had so many awesome people come celebrate with us that I couldn’t even get proper photos of everybody! (also the fact that I love to talk kind of gets in the way of focusing on being camera person) Thank you to all those that encouraged, supported, and celebrated with Andy along his MBA journey. And hallelujah, we’re so happy it’s finally done! (click here to see the full gallery from Andy’s graduation celebration)


  1. That last picture is adorable. Hooray for Andy! 🙂

  2. I agree, Ashley. I love that last picture. Lots of good pictures and another great event planned by Angela!

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