Cancer is a big scary unhappy topic. Though it may sound macabre, it is also what keeps me employed. Being in the research department, it means I scan through a lot of patients everyday looking for matches to the clinical trials that we currently have available. Often from the background, I get the chance to mourn with the sad stories, rejoice with the survivors, and cheer on the fighters that are still in the midst of their battles.

My view on cancer took a sudden twist last January when we learned that Andy’s mom has been diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. The last few months have been rough and the next several months may be tougher yet as they pursue more treatments and options.

I truly believe that a good attitude can make a difference in so many things, even when it comes to fighting a frightening beast like cancer. So, Andy and I wanted to help his mom remember how many people are out there cheering for her, wishing her luck, and hoping for the best for her.

With that said, Cathy and I started brainstorming ideas for a “Team Sherry” t-shirt. We decided to focus on something to do with roses, since Sherry’s maiden name was Rose and the entire family has had an affinity for roses for…well, close to forever. Eventually, we came across the phrase, “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” from the musical, Gypsy, by Stephen Sondheim. The idea was distributed amongst family and friends, t-shirts were printed, and photos were sent back to me of everybody in their t-shirts.

The first big chance we got to show off our shirts was at the family reunion lake trip (as you may have seen from previous pictures). But the idea was to collect as many photos as possible and place them in a picture frame for Sherry to see whenever she’s feeling discouraged or weak. Since the picture frame was successfully delivered to Sherry last weekend, I thought I’d post the pictures here for everybody else to see too.

Family reunion 2014 at Lake LBJ with everybody sporting their Team Sherry t-shirts. This was our nice photo, things quickly disintegrated into mayhem afterwards…

This was our somewhat silly picture, still a pretty nice shot of the family.

But then it was decided that we should show off the back of the t-shirts, but weren’t sure how to do so without a picture of a bunch of butts. This is better, no?

Which quickly led to this picture being taken…It looks a little like we’re performing Baby Got Back in front of the pool. Whatevs. It’s a fun picture nevertheless.

In case you wanted to see the back. Cathy did an amazing job, as per usual. I think the t-shirts came out wonderfully! (thanks Debra for taking this picture!)

Here’s Aunt Susan blowing kisses from Kansas City.

Molly and her family sending happy thoughts from South Carolina.

Jolene sending love from Alabama

Another bit of good luck being sent from Alabama via Ronnie (Jolene’s husband)

Charlotte, Walt, and Kaitlyn sending a little iron from Topeka. (In the picture frame, I had to cut out everybody but Walt. So here’s the picture in its full glory)

The Trommer side with Uncle Gary, Grandma & Grandpa, and Michele’s family standing behind Sherry (literally and figuratively).

Adorable Aunt Ilda sending some of her spunk from Emporia.

Our dear friends, Ethan and Bethany, sending one beautiful smile and one really questionable look from Houston.

My mom sending her “V for victory” fingers from California.

And of course, Cathy and me, the co-conspirators. We took this photo late one night during one of our less than 24 hour trips to Austin in order to pick up/quality check all the t-shirts. Andy had already gone to sleep. So, we precariously propped the camera up on a stack of books and used the self timer option. This is the best shot we could get…but it works!

There you have it. Love, support, and happy thoughts from all around the country. I’m not sure how to end a post like this, so I’ll leave you with a few lyrics from Everything’s Coming Up Roses and a performance from the great Angela Lansbury.

You’ll be swell! You’ll be great!
Gonna have the whole world on the plate!
Starting here, starting now,
Honey, everything’s coming up roses!


  1. Those shirts are perfect! Prayers and good wishes from the Martíns and the Smiths from Kansas City!


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