For several years, Andy and I had talked about trying to get his family together for a non-Christmas/non-Thanksgiving outing. But life always seemed to get in the way of actually planning such a trip. About a month ago, Andy and I finally organized a weekend lake trip for his family. We searched a few different lakes in the area, but decided on Log Country Cove at Lake LBJ right outside Georgetown, TX. Several of our friends stayed there previously and raved about their experience. (Thanks Adam and Jenny for the suggestion!) So, we decided to give it a try!

The beautiful rental house slept 14 with a giant kitchen and a lovely pool in the backyard. It was perfect for a family filled weekend, full of eating, drinking, talking, lounging, napping, swimming, sunbathing, and just having what I hope was a great time!

Andy, me, Sherry, and Rick enjoying a weekend at Lake LBJ.

We always look forward to spending time with family! And as a side note, I can’t believe our baby nephew is getting so big!

Bodie, Noah, Griffin, and Hudson sharing an early morning moment (over plenty of coffee/juice).

Griffin and Debra, BCF (Best Cousins Forever? Yeah, it’s getting late. My captions aren’t coming out so very clever at this point. But at least I’m finally getting these photos posted!)

Andrew and Noah having fun in the pool!

One of the best spots at the lake house, around the kitchen table in front of our snacks. And oh did we have snacks! I think we had enough food to last for several weeks, let alone a few days! Thanks to everybody for chipping in to our massive food stash!

Noah, Caitlin, and Andrew getting ready for an afternoon hanging by the pool. (Thanks to Uncle Bodie for taking this picture!)

So, in total we had twelve adults, two babies, and seven dogs. It was a rowdy house filled with laughter and happy memories. And I hope it’s the first of many family outings in the years to come! And yes, I’ve got more pictures and descriptions to post in the next few days, but this will have to do for tonight!


  1. We had a wonderful time! Thanks, Angela and Andy, for organizing it!

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