After many MANY technical difficulties, it appears the blog is finally back up and running. Seriously, every single time I would log on with the intention to write something, I would get error messages all over the place. Painful. And I’m still waiting for Andy to reload my pretty graphics. Sigh…it may be awhile before everything is stable in my blogging world. But in the mean time, how about a summary of our St. Croix trip?

I was going to break our Caribbean vacation down day by day, but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…so, we’re going to do the all dreaded summary instead. Sorry!

BeachesOn a Caribbean island it’s inevitable that we’re going to be spending plenty of time on the beaches of St Croix. We certainly weren’t disappointed!

Hotel on the Cay (a tiny island with a hotel just off the coast of Christiansted, and probably my least favorite beach that we visited)

The somewhat unimpressive beach at the Hotel on the Cay. Yes, the views are still gorgeous. But the sand was extremely packed and the hotel staff not very friendly. It’s an okay beach if you desperately need to soak in some sun and you don’t have enough time to drive elsewhere.

Dorsch Beach (south of Fredericksted)

Trying to catch the sunset at Dorsch Beach. It was a little too cloudy, but still a magnificent view! A perfect place to recoup after a long night of partying on New Year’s Eve.

Kite Beach (a protected little bay where kite surfers learn and practice)

Bethany and Ethan taking a kite surfing lesson at Kite Beach. Andy and I were happily in relaxation mode and passed on the extreme sport of kite surfing.

And our personal favorite, Sandy Point Beach (only open Saturdays and Sundays when sea turtles are off season)

Me happily reading/napping on the beautiful white sands of Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge beach. Though I love sea turtles, I’m very happy they weren’t around so I could enjoy their beach. This, to me, is the perfect beach.

Food/Drinks (and man, do we love the food! The thing to remember is that service on the islands is slow at best. They really REALLY take their time. It’s best not to be offended, because your anger doesn’t really make them move any faster. Just sit back, have more rum punch, and enjoy the fact that you’re on vacation!)

Ital in Paradise (they have a fabulous sauce made from the moringa plant, which is apparently a miracle plant on the likes of pomegranate, acai, and gingko biloba. It is light and citrus tasting, I like it! And if it makes me “healthier”, than so be it!)

I think this may be one of the only vegetarian restaurants in the islands. But it was FANTASTIC! They only had two main choices (obviously we got one of each, a veg burger in a pita wrap with lentil balls and a grilled mahi mahi with wild rice and greens)


Meeting Uncle Gary and Aunt Sherry for the first time over dinner and drinks at Breezes. They are now resident Crucians and it was interesting to hear their stories about the islands.

Napoleon’s Pizza (decent slice of pizza and close to the beach in case you want to take it to go and enjoy the scenery)

Mill Harbor Pirate’s Room Bar (our condo’s bar/restaurant, decent drinks and the food is supposed to be decent)

Fort Christan Brew Pub (the only brewery on the islands, but not really that impressive. Great location, food was okay, the beer was not so excellent from what the boys tell me.)

Kim’s (A tiny local restaurant, but definitely the best place to try some local Caribbean fare! We got to split a wide variety of tasty dishes: goat curry, conch in butter sauce, stewed potfish, and the best baked mac & cheese I’ve ever had! It was delicious and very unique. And as a bonus, we got to try two local drinks, mauby and sorrel. Different, not to my liking, but everybody else liked them!)

Eat @ Cane Bay (It seemed like this was one of the only places open on New Year’s Day. Lucky us! Beautiful view, delicious food even despite their reduced menu, and I really enjoyed our lunch!)

Club Comanche (Again, not a lot of places were open on New Year’s Day. So, after a lot of wandering around, we found this restaurant hidden inside a beautifully historic hotel. Not my all time favorite meal, but the food was decent and our waitress was really friendly. Overall, an enjoyable dinner!)

Pickled Greek (And sometimes you just need some Greek food! Lovely chickpea fries, delicious souvlaki, but skip the baba ganoush which was bland and not very tasty)

Tavern 1844 (Our last night in St. Croix and I saved this fun little restaurant for last. Wonderful burgers and interesting beers!)

Saved the best for last! The best burgers and beer selection in St. Croix! My burger had fried brie and carmelized applies on it. I don’t think I can eat another burger without thinking of that perfect burger in St. Croix!

(REALLY wanted to try Ace Roti Shop, the reviews were amazing! But sadly, I think they were probably closed all week for NYE/holidays. Now I will forever have to wonder what a roti tastes like!!)

Things to Do (Because there’s plenty of other things to do besides just lay on the beach baking under the sun..)

Art Farms – A local farmer’s market where we discovered culantro. That’s right, culantro not cilantro. But strangely enough, when cooked tastes very much like cilantro. We also got some delicious homemade coconut milk based ice creams in soursop and mango flavors and some fabulous Carombola (star fruit) flavored honey wine.

We loved Art Farms! Super friendly with beautiful looking produce!

Snorkeling by Buck Island with Big Beard’s Snorkel – Tiny boat + a very rough sea with LOTS of waves = very green seasick Angela. I’m glad we got to snorkel because there were a lot of fun animals to see under the sea. And I’m glad everybody else got to see them. I, on the other hand, sat with my head between my knees back on the boat trying not to vomit. Thankfully, I felt much better once we got to our lunch bbq on dry land. Yup, I’m a landlubber and happy to be one!

Preparing to snorkel and getting some practice in on a nice calm beach! This is pre-seasick Angela. There were no pictures taken of seasick Angela. And if there were…they have been deleted.

A magnificent sea turtle captured by Bethany and her very useful underwater digital camera. It’s definitely worth getting such a camera if we plan to take any more beach vacations. The normal DSLR or cell phone camera is not so much an option when sea water is involved.

Electric blue fishie. Isn’t he/she stunning?

Bio-luminescent Kayak Tour with Bush Tribes – AMAZING experience. Definitely the highlight of our trip in my opinion. You get into a two person kayak after sunset and make your way to a little protected bay where dinoflagellates, a type of sea plankton, grow in large abundance. When you disturb this type of plankton, either by swimming in it or dipping a kayak paddle into it,  it releases a burst of light. It was phenomenal and definitely a once in a lifetime experience. There is absolutely no way to get a proper picture, seeing as it’s completely pitch black outside and I would never bring my camera into a kayak that I’m steering. Oh and the stars were clear and shining so brightly. What a beautiful night!

Christiansvaern Fort tour – Because the boys love history and couldn’t resist a tour of the old Danish fort.

It’s a really pretty view for a fort? Go cannons go!

Andy and his balls. Ha. I’m so funny.

Not sure why there are hearts carved everywhere in the fort. Maybe it’s a symbol of the Danish empire? Maybe they just thought they were pretty? In any case, I find them entertaining!

Waving goodbye to 2013 and welcoming 2014 by partying at Green Cay Marina – We got a tip from our kayaking guide that THE party to be at for New Year’s Eve was at the Deep End Dive Bar. We had never been to THE party before, so we thought we’d give it a shot! It turned out to be a lot of fun! Cheap rum punch (bad news and led to a rough next day), fire dancers, and fun music. The weather was beautiful, the company was interesting, and that rum punch was strong! I think we gave 2013 an appropriate send off and welcomed 2014 with an equally appropriate hangover. 😛

Happy New Year from the Trommers! And yes, through diligent sun screen applications, neither of us got sunburned this vacation!

Our St Croix partners in crime, Bethany and Ethan.

Oh, and did I mention fire dancers?

Dancing in 2014, and no, I have no idea who the girl is behind me.

Kite Surfing Classes – And for those adventure seekers out there, a sport where you surf while being pulled by one of those enormous kites. This was not for me. But Bethany wanted to do it, so we watched Ethan and Bethany take a kite surfing class while we sat and lounged on the beach.

And there you have it. A long summary of our trip to St Croix. You can take a look at some of the other pictures we took on vacation. Some taken with Bethany’s underwater digital camera, some by cell phone, and some with our DSLR.


  1. Love all of the pictures. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. That Ital In Paradise meal looks so, so delicious.

  3. Looks like a wonderful vacation! 🙂

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