Another day of cleaning, organizing, and decluttering. We got up early this morning to drop Jabber off for a bath. And to reward ourselves (and entice us to get out the door on time), we got breakfast burritos at this fun little shop we found! San Diego Tacos is decently close to our house and is just about always open (6 am – 11 pm) for most any taco cravings!

Chorizo breakfast burrito with two different salsas, all delicious!

Also in preparation of the big turkey day meal, we took our knives to the House of Blades to get sharpened. After all, a dull blade is a dangerous blade (plus you have to work twice as hard). If you don’t believe me, take it from Alton Brown!

The day, it is approaching! Let Turkey Day come, for I do believe we shall be ready!!

What a perfectly rainy afternoon to spend at home. We’ve been cleaning and organizing the house in preparation for Thanksgiving next week. Even when the house appears to be clean, there’s always so much more to do! Plus with Christmas right around the corner, it’s almost time to get all the Christmas planning and preparations in gear!

But before things get truly hectic for the holidays, how about a little something funny to brighten the weekend? I love Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets series. I like to think that even celebrities have a sense of humor when dealing with stupid mean people. Because really, what else can you do? You can get angry and stew about it or you can refuse to let it bring you down and laugh it off.

There has been a huge abundance of new restaurants popping up in DFW for the last few years. We absolutely love visiting new places and trying new flavors! HG Sply has been on my list for some time now, so I’m excited to say it was definitely worth the wait. What a beautiful patio, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere. And even better that we got to try it with some fantastic friends! It’s been a long stressful week, but all is forgotten now the weekend is here! What a lovely Friday night!

We don’t get to see everybody as often as we’d like, and there are definitely some much loved faces missing from this picture, but we still really enjoyed our evening!

We’ve been neglectful puppy owners. Though we celebrated both pupniversaries for Jabber and Cery with hugs and long walks, we kept forgetting to get them their annual pupcakes from Three Dog Bakery! Well, we were neglectful no more! We stopped by and got two pupcakes tonight to be enjoyed by two lucky puppies!

A Peanut Mutter Bar and a Dreamy Pupcake for my two lucky puppies!

Jabber’s well practiced at this ritual by now and promptly wolfed her cake down in approximately 2 licks and 3 bites.

However, this is Cery’s first pupniversary and first pupcake celebration. She has no idea what’s in store for her!

She licked her cake around the kitchen, she licked her cake into a corner, she licked her cake until it got wedged under the china cabinet, and she kept licking it until a light bulb went of in her puny brain that she could actually bite the cake. Needless to say, whether by lick or by bite, Cery loved her pupcake.

So happy to have two ridiculous puppies in our lives!

Our clinic is moving to a brand new shiny facility in December. Very exciting! But as we get ready for our big move, my two co-workers and I have been staying late to sort through almost 20 years of old paperwork, patient charts, and research files. Not so much fun. I promise I will be much more enthusiastic about our new building once the move is completed. Until then, I will just be anxious and work late. But do you know what makes working late slightly better (besides chocolate of course)? A good Pandora station! I’ve been listening to a lot of my Ellie Goulding station recently. I find it motivating, danceable, and fun.

Progress was made tonight. We have boxed up 100+ boxes for off site storage. Sad part? We’re probably only 40% done. Sigh. Work harder and longer tomorrow!

We don’t go to movies in the theatre very often. Actually come to think of it, we don’t really see that many movies at home either. For the time being, we can’t seem to sit still long enough to watch movies. However, a few weekends ago, we did find the time to watch the new Disney animated flick Big Hero 6.

picture courtesy of Disney

Now I normally love Disney movies. But I think the last couple Disney (and Disney collaborated) movies were a little disappointing. Very honestly, I found both Pixar’s Brave and Disney’s Frozen lacking. I realize Frozen is the top grossing animated movie in the history of ever, but I just didn’t like it. However, I did very much enjoy Big Hero 6. It didn’t have the intricacies and levels of a typical Pixar film, but it was adorable and well put together.

Just a fun little story about imagination, the power of science, being kind, and friendship. I would recommend this as a fun little break from your everyday routine.

It happens every year, I get to a point where nothing I write sounds interesting. The curse of NaBloPoMo writer’s block. I didn’t eat anything very interesting tonight, nothing spectacular happened to me today, the dogs are being boring, work was long but uneventful, and Andy’s not particularly entertaining tonight either.

So, here I sit staring at this laptop screen trying to fabricate something, anything that could pass as a post for tonight. In the background, we’re trying to suffer through the last season of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). And I think I’ve found my rant for the night! **Warning: to get this rant out correctly, there is going to be spoilers. Avoid reading the rest of this post if you’d actually like to torture yourself with the last two seasons of this show. Though I will suggest that there must be an easier and certainly faster way if you’re keen on torture than 48+ truly awful episodes.**

(picture courtesy of CBS)

Let me get this straight, I love the first three to four seasons of HIMYM. It’s funny, it’s clever, and it’s for the most part, entertaining! I find the characters charming and relatable. I love all the actors and actresses. And I would highly recommend watching the first few seasons.

The last two seasons, however, are horrendous. It has been an absolute chore to sit through these episodes. But we endured so we could finally get through the finale and be done with it. Having just watched the finale, I now hate everything about this show. The entire last season was centered around one single wedding weekend, in which the couple get a divorce in the second to last episode. 20 episodes about this momentous wedding and they get divorced in the end? Why would they waste my time like that!?!

It’s like the writers hadn’t ever watched any of their own previous episodes! The characters seemed to be strange exaggerations of their previous selves, the jokes fell flat, the plots were ridiculous, they kept bringing in weird references that have never been mentioned before on show (i.e. Weekend at Bernie’s, the Princess Bride…etc), and oh that’s right, THEY KILLED OFF THE MOTHER??? We suffered through nine seasons of this ridiculous show to have them kill the mother?!? So it should actually be called How I Met Your Mother but Totally Ended Up with the Chick I Dated at the Beginning of the Show Because The Writers Obviously Hate Their Viewers?? ARRRGGG!!! Anger. But yes, thank you for the inspiration so I can finish writing and go to bed. And also thank you HIMYM for ensuring that I will not be missing your show.